Monday, July 9, 2007

House selling tips

You don't have to spend alot of money to prepare your home for a quick sale. Some of these ideas are common sense, others tricks of the trade.

In order for your home to sell, you must present an attractive product. This begins with the outside. Curb appeal is the key to guiding home buyers in. The first impression is the most important. Spending alot of money is not necessary. Keeping the lawn mowed and landscaping free of weeds sets the stage. Flowers make the home inviting and adds warmth and color. Just keep in mind, going overboard with too many flowers creates the sense that the seller is trying too hard. In the wintertime, a nice pot of flowers on the porch or next to the door can add some color in a dreary season.

Once buyers enter your home, they should be able to quickly view what your selling. You want the buyer to see the floor plan, upgrades and quality and condition of the home. You can achieve a clean palate by removing clutter. Take a good look at your home. If there are appliances on your kitchen countertops that are rarely used, put them away. Do you have too many knickknacks? Too many collectibles? Too many photos? They might suite your decorative tastes, but your not selling these items and they can block the buyer's viewing of what you are trying to sell.

A clean house will sell alot quicker than a dirty house. Take care of this before the house goes on the market. Take a few days beforehand to clean the baseboards, windows, ceiling fans and blinds. Clean out closets, drawers and cupboards. Remove stains from carpets and sweep out the garage. If you have to store items, do so before your house hits the market. Remember, the garage, attic and basement are all a part of the house you are trying to sell.

By preparing the home before placing on the market, you'll save yourself alot of time and stress. Once your home is prepared for selling, it's easy to upkeep daily spruce ups for unexpected showings.